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Joe's Reign
Home Up

The Commissioner has survived a tumultuous reign, that would make the Nixon and Clinton governments look like Mahatma Gandhi.  He has survived the attempts of many to overthrow his commissionership, including political and violent actions to dislodge him.  While hospitalized in 1999, a coup was attempted, but it was short lived as SJ hired strongman, Tony Hatnett to put down the rebellion.  Following his illness SJ left the corporate world to devote all his energies to running the shed.

Here's a rare glimpse at S.J.'s openness to hear new idea's.  Part time Shed member Nuttsy is introduced to SJ's unique debating style.

SJ considers Raki one of his closest advisors.

Who's Joe's daddy.  A two fisted bud man, who guards prisoners by day.  Maybe Joe shouldn't have insulted his hometown of Gerittson Beach.

A cold day in hell.


For a week, SJ panicked that the boy's would invade his home.  What was he hiding, why was he so scared to let them in?  Well the boys worse suspicion was validated as they witness the shameless sex act depicted above.