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Frank Gnun wins latest poker tourney
Next game set for August 20th!

Frank Gnun continued his excellent play by beating a field of 16 in the Rockaway Sands Casino latest poker tournament, beating out the always steady, Brandon.  Brian returned to action finishing in third for $200 and Matty Bursic played strong, finishing 4th. 


Place Player $$$$$ Awards Total
1 Frank 450 -12 438
2 Brandon 275 -9 266
3 Brian 200 -6 194
4 Matt 175 7 182
5 Joe G 150   150
6 Dan 1 110    
7 Jay 90    
8 Sal 75    
9 Johnny 50    
10 Ted Jr. 25    
11 Ted Sr. 0   0
12 Joe M 0 10 10
13 Rocky 0   0
14 Dan Bursic 0   0
15 Greg 0   0
16 Tommy 0 10 10


    Other surprises included Joe G. finishing fifth and in the money.  Rounding out the top 10 was Breezy Dan, Jay, Sal, Johnny and Ted Jr.  Big disappointment were for Joe Mc, and Greg who normally finish in the money but it wasn't in the cards.  Two new players were Dan from Breezy Point, and Tommy Sica who finished last in his first tournament play.  "It was a learning experience," said Tom, and we are sure he'll be back.

    Matty had the high hand, four of a kind, a first in Rockaway tournament play.

    And for all those who felt left out of the Queer Eye show John made them the famous Rockaway Club sandwich.  It lived up to its reputation as the forty sandwiches were devoured in 10 minutes.

    John continued to use his creativity in naming the different cards on the board.  Some of his new ideas which will probably start appearing on the Travel Channel and ESPN are:

The three cards turned over simultaneously.

The card after the flop.

The really important card.